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Why Choose ProjectLink?

Why Choose ProjectLink?

Do your projects need help? Does project delivery seem like an out-of-reach objective? Do you never obtain the business benefit that you expect?  A frequent question that many people ask is, why they should hire a project management consultant. There are many myths about consultants, here is why you should trust ProjectLink to be your project management consultancy of choice.

1) Methodology:

We believe that a project should be managed through a standard method to ensure that it is delivered through a disciplined and well-managed way.  This can only be obtained by following consistent methods that are modelled in repeatable processes.  This leads to predictable outcomes and measurable results, which leads to sustainable benefits delivery.  To achieve this, a project management methodology must be followed.  Whether you make use of your own methodology, or make use of our CENTRIX® methodology, we will ensure that projects get delivered against the methodology.

2) Specialised Knowledge and Experience:

ProjectLink was founded in 1998, and has been assisting organisations to achieve project success for nearly 18 years. We have a variety of consultants that are highly skilled and have a vast amount of experience in many different industries. Currently we have more than 60 consultants whose skills include project administration, cost control, scheduling, planning, managing projects and managing project risks. Dr Werner Meyer, Founding Director and Hannes van den Berg, Managing Director at ProjectLink both hold OPM3 certifications, which allows them to conduct Project Management Maturity Assessments in organisations.

3) Leadership:

ProjectLink has a strong management team. Werner Meyer and Hannes van den Berg are both highly qualified and respected professionals in the project management industry. They lead by example, and everyone at ProjectLink looks up to them and seeks their guidance. What really makes their leadership stand out, is their ability to believe in their employees and to invest in their growth.

4) Internal Training:

Life-long learning is one of ProjectLink’s core values. We invest in our consultants, this means that our consultants are continuously presented with the opportunity to further their project management skills, as well as their soft skills. This ensures that they are constantly keeping up with international project management best practices.

5) Support Structure:

We offer our consultants a support structure. Each individual consultant can leverage off of the collective body of knowledge that we have gained from our vast real life experiences, skills and knowledge. 

6) Quality Assurance:

Our principal consultants provide mentorship, coaching and leadership to the other consultants. They assist and guide the consultants on their projects, which enables us to make sure that each of our consultants provide the best service and solutions possible. 

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