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Business Breakfast: Using Project Management to Realise Organisational Capabilities

ProjectLink Business Breakfast


Part 1: Using Project Management to Realise Organisational Capabilities

Presented by Hannes van den Berg

On the 2nd March 2018, ProjectLink held its quarterly Business Breakfast, at the Blue Valley Country Estate. The ProjectLink Business Breakfast is a knowledge sharing event, where project professionals can network, engage and discuss relevant industry topics with other professionals from various industries while listening to an informative presentation.

Hannes van den Berg MBA, PMP, OPM3 gave an insightful presentation on “Using Project Management to Realise Organisational Capabilities".

Hannes explains, "For a company to be successful in the current dynamic environment, it requires a well-developed organisational strategy and the ability to implement it. We know that an organisational strategy is implemented through organisational project management, however, a number of organisations are not able to turn their strategies into business benefits."

The organisational strategy is not to blame, nor the supporting objectives, nor the ability to translate these objectives into programs and projects. What is lacking, is the organisation’s capabilities to implement and successfully execute these programs and projects.

To further explain his point, Hannes presented a case study on Nokia and held a discussion with the attendees about what went wrong. In conclusion to this discussion, it was identified that it all came down to poorly implemented organisational capabilities.

Hannes stated that "When organisational capabilities are absent, weak or otherwise compromised, strategy execution invariably falters."

The presentation continued to explain how Organisational Project Management (OPM) can be used to create Organisational Capabilities in an organisation. There are 4 enabling processes that are used to implement OPM in an organisation. These processes are:

1) Strategic Alignment;

2) Governance;

3) Competency Management; and

4) Organisational Project Management Methodology

Each of these enabling processes contains the organisational enablers that will embed the organisational capabilities of the organisation. By ensuring that these organisational enablers are in place, organisations should be able to implement their organisational strategy successfully and ensure business benefits realisation.

The Organisational Enablers will be categorised into the following three topics. These will be the topics that will form the basis for the rest of the ProjectLink Business Breakfast events of the year. These topics are:

1) Strategic Alignment and Governance

2) Competency Management

3) Benefits Realisation Management


The ProjectLink Business Breakfast is an invite-only event and is at no cost to attendees. Invites are sent to senior project, programme, programme and portfolio management professionals, senior management positions and to professionals who are involved in business improvement, change enablement and strategy.

If you would like to request an invite to our next breakfast, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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