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Cost Controller

Cost Controller

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The cost controller is responsible for cost control services on the project. This includes services such as budget control, estimating cost, cost projecting, cost reporting and cost risk analysis.

Key Functions:

  • Attend the following meetings:
    • Project progress meetings.
    • Cost meeting and the preparation of the meeting.
    • Monthly Project Meetings.
  • Ensure all cost for the project is developed and captured as per the scope of work.
  • Setting up of the Project BCB and obtain sign off.
  • Ensure the BOQ, Schedule and BCB is aligned and cash flows are developed.
  • Managed, monitor and controlled the budget.
  • Manage, monitor, control and report on the Project costs.
  • Setting up of an effective cost control system and manage the system accordingly.
  • Ensure accurate reporting on Budget, Actuals, Committed, FEC, ETC and EAC.
  • Develop a monthly cost report to indicate the following:
    • Plan vs Actual
    • EAC
    • ETC
    • CV
    • BAC
  • Develop and maintain a monthly cost dashboard fully integrated with the project baseline schedule.
  • Manage the order placement and approval process.
  • Monitor and control financial change requests.
  • Verification and reconciliation of the planned contractual cost vs actual expenditure/invoice (EV).
  • Escalation of variances to the PM.
  • Assist with the planning of project cost for the next Project Phase.
  • Assist with the development of the OPEX and CAPEX and ensure a BCB.
  • Assist with the TEAR process for capital evaluation of tenders.
  • Assist with the Basis of Estimate and Estimating Plan.
  • Assist with the Development of the Cost Management Plan.
  • Develop all required dashboards for reporting purposes.  
  • Develop Cost Report to be included in the Steercom report.

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