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Programme Manager

Program Manager

Program management is the integration of the components that make up a program with the aim of achieving shared benefits that would not have been possible if the components were managed independently. The most important aspect of program management is the proper integration and management of the interdependencies between components.

The program manager is responsible for the delivery of a program. The primary responsibility of the Program Manager is to ensure successful integration between components in the program.

Key Functions:

Program management specifically includes the following:

  • Managing the logical interdependencies between components in the program;
  • Allocating and balancing resources between components;
  • Ensuring that the components deliver business benefit;
  • Managing the component managers;
  • Facilitating program business cases;
  • Performing program planning;
  • Defining and managing program roadmaps;
  • Performing program analysis, tracking, and forecasting;
  • Constantly assuring alignment of each program with its business need through efficient and effective benefits management, and providing accurate and relevant reporting to portfolio management;
  • Performing proper program transition and closure.

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