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Project Controls Manager

Project Controls Manager

This function is responsible for controlling the project. Project Controls Managers monitor and control the project cost and schedule outcomes of the project and ensure that planned work is on-track. They are responsible for the monitoring and control of quality work progress as well as cost control. They make sure that everything is one time and within budget.

Key Functions:

  • The execution of the Integrated Project Execution Plan (for the scope of work) monitoring all stakeholders and technical functions and executed in accordance with client requirements and expectations.
  • Attend the following meetings but not limited to:
    • Progress Meetings.
    • Project Meetings.
    • Cost meetings.
    • Technical Review Meetings.
    • Workshop facilitation which will include Risk, Scope, Planning and Charter workshops.
  • Set-up of required controls to ensure delivery against the client requirements.  These will include but are not limited to:
    • Scope.
    • Quality.
    • Schedule.
    • Cost.
  • Transparent reporting of progress to stakeholders and the Project Team.  This will be in the form of an integrated month status report.
  • Monitoring and Control of project execution as per Project Execution Plan.
  • Monitoring and Control quality as per Quality Management Plan.
  • Monitor response plans on identified risks and early identification of new risks that may impact on the execution outcome of the project during construction.
  • Incident Management to ensure an audit trail for project delays, potential penalties and claims.
  • Decision Management and directing of the execution and the outcome.
  • Issue Management and escalation of issues to the PM for resolution.
  • Integrated Change Control Management.
  • Ensure the tracking and reporting of EV on planned work performance and cost payable.

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