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Project Manager

Project Manager

ProjectLink defines project management as, “the art and science of managing a project from inception to closure as evidenced by successful product delivery and transfer.” This definition implies detailed attention to the Project Management Knowledge Areas and Process Groups, as explained in the Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition. Also implied is an awareness of the business need that the project is expected to meet.

The management function of a project is divided into five distinct groups of management processes i.e. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Control, and Closing. A combination of soft and hard skills is required in each process to complete a project successfully. Among these skills are resource management, financial management, effective use of project management software tools, stakeholder expectation management, and much more.

Project management involves much more than scheduling activities and writing reports. The focus of the project manager should be on the delivery of the project within the constraints of time, cost, and quality. At the same time, the project manager must think strategically to ensure the project’s product will deliver benefits to the organisation.

ProjectLinks work ethics require that projects be delivered optimally i.e. as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This approach requires diligence, usually through the application of sound project management methodologies. ProjectLink has highly qualified consultants that have a vast amount of experience in the application of such methodologies

Key Functions:

  • Scoping and planning of selected and initiated projects – Charter workshops will be scheduled, and Work Breakdown Structures will be developed to define a detailed scope.
  • Development of Project Plans – The development of project plan will be developed on the principle of rolling wave planning.
  • Scheduling – Project schedules will be developed, resources allocated with activity duration and sequencing.
  • Progress Tracking – Progress tracking intervals will be as per client’s requirements.
  • Progress and Status Reports – Progress reports will be issued within 24 hours after a progress meeting.
  • Dashboards – Dashboards will be developed, and status reporting of the projects will be done monthly.
  • Project Issues Management – Issues will be logged and managed and addressed as the project's progress.
  • Project Risks Management – Project Risks will be identified with contingency plans in place and managed for all projects.
  • Project Incident Management – Record keeping of all incidents will be done.
  • Project Decisions – All project decisions will be captured and managed as required.
  • Project Management Change Control Process – The RFC process will be maintained to ensure an auditable process.
  • Project Management Quality Control Process – Quality assurance will be managed by applying best practice and maintaining a quality assurance and control system.
  • Project Management Best Practice advice to the project team members.
  • Project Administration will include the following.
    • Meeting arrangements
    • Attendance Register
    • Agenda and minutes of meetings
    • Maintenance of project files and electronic backups on the server


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