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Project Planner & Scheduler

Project Planner & Scheduler

We provide experienced Project Planners and Project Schedulers that assist with the development and optimisation of your project schedule. Poor project planning can compromise successful project delivery and knowledeagble project planners are hard to find. Look no further, our consultants provide quality project planning services from inception through to execution and closeout. We can assist with all your planning and scheduling needs such as; scope definition, schedule development, consistent monitoring and updating of project performance measurement, progress reports, recommendations, and much more.

  • Project Planning entails establishing the total scope of the project and developing the course of action to enable the delivery of the project.  This would also entail the decomposition of the scope to such level on which the project shall be controlled.  This includes the development of a Basis of Schedule, Schedule Management Plan and other supporting project documentation.
  • Project Scheduling entails the setup of the timelines and resources required for execution and includes the associated monitoring and controlling functions to ensure project completion within the required time frame.

Here are some of the key functions that our Project Planners and Project Schedulers provide to our clients:

Key Functions

  • Defining the project scope
  • Developing the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Develop a WBS Dictionary. (WBSD)
  • Developing the project schedule
  • Estimating the duration and resources requirements of the project
  • Monitoring and updating the project performance measurement baseline
  • Updating and maintaining the Project Schedule
  • Monitoring and forecasting progress – including Progress Charts (S-curves), Look-Ahead Schedules, etc.
  • Recommending and implementing changes to realign the Schedule with required milestones
  • Evaluation of Schedule impacts arising from incidents and decisions
  • Coordinating multiple Contractor Schedules into overall Project Master Schedule
  • Deviation analyses between planned and actual progress


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